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Imperial Guard Armoured Company: Still Building

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Still working on the conversions. The fish eyes came in so most of the tanks got them glued on. I still need to make some hatch plugs for some Salamanders and the Baneblade but that's mostly done. I also finished the Commissar plugs aside from sculpting the arms on them.

Turan Armoured Company

The Salamander Scouts got their autocannons this week. I ended up hacking apart a Chimerax turret, brass wire and a plastic tube that I drilled out to make the muzzle. One turret got me two autocannons. I'm still thinking on the Command, I think I'm going to try and make a heavy flamer like the Hellhound's cannon out of plastic.

Salamander Scouts and Command

The Exterminators got muzzles for their twin autocannons as well. I drilled out a plastic tube and cut away a small bit down the side so I could fit them side-by-side. They came out all right I think.

Leman Russ Exterminator
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