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Camouflaging the Imperial Guard Armoured Company

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Not many updates but I've been slogging through the camouflage on the Armoured Company these past weeks. The base colors and shading are done, I'm now onto tidying. That should finish up this week and hopefully I can start on the highlights.

Turan Armoured Company

The green and tan each get a base, wash, neaten up, and two highlights. The black and metal get a wash and a highlight or two, depending on how they look.

Epic Salamander Scouts and Leman Russ Exterminators Epic Shadowswords and Manticores Epic Stormhammers and Baneblades

I also painted this guy up over the course of a couple hours this week. He's a battle wizard from my last Kickstarter. He's meant to be a gold wizard/alchemist.

Warmonger Miniatures Battle Wizard Warmonger Miniatures Battle Wizard
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