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Babcia's Winged Hussar

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I'm sure more than a few of you can relate to family having no earthly idea what it is we do with our miniatures. On the rare occasion that this hobby gets brought up the most common line of conversation, for me, revolves around selling them. Don't ask me about the figure, what it represents, how I painted it, or spend more than a second to glance at it, just ask me when I plan to sell it. This does beg the question though, if all these figures are good for is for selling, why are people buying them?

Anyway, that was why it was more than a little refreshing to have my grandmother in-law ask me about my company and if I had any new Polish-Lithuanian figures in the works. She is a first generation immagrant from Poland, and I've showed her pictures of the line as it's progressed over the years. I even got some pronounciation and translation tips from her for some of the units (looking at you, Lisowczycy).

She had her 98th birthday this past week, so we'll be stopping in this weekend for a visit. For a present, I painted up a Winged Hussar for her. Happy birthday, Babcia!

Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussar Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussar
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