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Marauder Bombers: Bomb the Grimdark Skies

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I can't remember for how long these Marauder Bombers have been sitting on my desk. They were originally slated to be part of the Knight army, but when I rebased those Thunderbolts to pull double duty with the Minervans these came a long for the ride. I've been meaning to finish converting and painting them so this was what I worked on these past two weeks as part of the great desk clean off.

Epic Maruader Bombers

To make them WYSIWYG I added a tail-chaser gun that matched the dorsel gun using a round-ended pin. The lascannons were chopped off of some SM.TL guardsmen and glued to the wings. Nothing fancy on the paint job, just matching what I did seven (!) years ago for the Knight's Thunderbolts.

Epic Maruader Bombers
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