This past weekend was our fourth annual North East (US) Epic Armageddon "Tournament". We had twelve players this year and each of us got in three rounds of Epic. A good time was had by all, with player's coming in from NH, PA, CT and MA. Prizes were awarded, dice were rolled and fun was had. Pictures are below in slideshow form!


Harriot the Harridan

Harriot the Harridan is all done. I ended up hitting her carapace and body with one more highlight before I called it, I think they helped. I also went with yellow for the eyes to make them stand out a little more.

I'll probably mess with the rock on the base a little more (to the point where I can't properly recall what I did to it and thus be unable to recreate the effect) but that'll only take a couple of minutes.

I also went back and painted all my Warriors Bone Swords bone (go figure). It'll definitely help them stick out a little more from the broodlings and give Matt one less thing to complain about.

Actually scratch that, he'll probably complain about the bone being too bright...

Up next is a brief jaunt into the world of terrain and then I think back to the Warmaster Elves.


Ca-caw, Ca-caw/Tookie, Tookie

Nearly done with the Harridan, just need to finish the claws underneath and the base.

After she's done I'm thinking it'll be time to get back to the High Elves I've been neglecting.


One Bossy Old Woman

I went back and touched up the bone on the Lictors after having painted it differently on the Trygons.

I also began work on the Harridan, after having her built for something like three years I think.

The block painting and washes are done. Next week I'll start the highlights.

Not sure what I'm going to paint the eyes. I'm leaning towards yellow at the moment. Also, I don't know if I'm doing to make the claws/talons underneath bone or black yet. We'll see how it goes.