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This past weekend was our fourth annual North East (US) Epic Armageddon "Tournament". We had twelve players this year and each of us got in three rounds of Epic. A good time was had by all, with player's coming in from NH, PA, CT and MA. Prizes were awarded, dice were rolled and fun was had. Pictures are below in slideshow form!

My Subjugators and Chris's Iron Warriors pound it out. The mighty fearless Dreadnought. Welcome to Ork University... Will's 'nids rampage across an ice world to get to Tim's AM. Craig's IG and Karl's Eldar do battle on the Matt A's Warmachine's of Antiquity. Matt B's Fighta Bommas straffe Eric's IG on the desert board. Eric's IG pile in. Yet more straffing. Matt T's Emperor's Children due battle with Bill's Elysians on the S6 City Table. Guardsmen doing what they do best... hiding in cover. I asked Chris how he was doing against the Necrons. Not well apparently... Karl's Eldar hide amongst the Old Crow buildings. The battle rages on on the ice world. Craig's IG commence with the sneaking through the ruins. Craig's artillery was reloading, so the Guardians made a dash for it. Matt T's Angels of Ectasy and Violators, ectasize and violate some Elysians. Spring Break at Ork University (where Necrons Gone Wild! was filmed). Will's 'nids finally make it across the board. Craig's Commissar tanks relentlessly drives the Armored Company onward. Karl's Phoenix Bombers ripping up the Ork lines. The Aspect Warriors took a pounding. Will's 'nids rush Cary's IG. A WoA guards an ice world outpost. Matt T's IC in the title match. Craig's Shadowswords waiting for something to melt. Bill's Elysians waiting to be slaughted by Chris's Iron Warriors. Sneaky Guardsmen The Iron Warriors preparing to do some hurt. Eric's IG hold the biog important building. The IC and Necrons battle it out in the frozen land of Nador. The exciting fight for black bunker #2! What gives Chris? Why are you using your JV bikes? Craig's IG (auxillery units pressed into service from Tim's Forgeworld) take on Eric's Guard. Securing the Big Holy Building They see us Blitzkrieg'n, they hating...
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