Reaving the Elvish Way

I picked up where I left off with the Reavers a month or so back. I managed to get the base coats down for the horse flesh and tack. I should be able to get a wash and highlights on them this weekend. After that I'll move on to the flesh, red and white.

HAVOC was this past weekend and I picked up some of the Army Painter flock. I like it because it's not the ultra-fine foam/sawfust powder. Here's my first trial with it. Thoughts? I'm still planning on putting the tufts on as well, but I think it's going to be a lot easier to put this stuff down first.

Also, I was digging through some old models and found my dragons from the 6mm Dragon Lords line. Aside for the wings (too dinky) I thought the Purple Dragon would make an excellent Giant Eagle mount proxy. I've since named him Eagon the Dragle and managed to get a High Elf character off of a horse and on him, complete with headswap. I'm picking up some wings that I think will work for him tonight.


Rolling rolling rolling...

I finished basing my last four spearmen units this week along with the Silverhelms as well. Just in time for HAVOC!

Pokey Brigade Numeral Dos is ready to poke some enemies in the eye.

There was a slight blunder with the Silverhelm's decals. I applied them in such a way that each unit would be made up of identical strips. After a facepalm/panic attack I was relieved to have found the extras I printed. All and all it amounted to little more than annoyance.

The pennants came out alright. I got pretty close to the edges with some of the designs but given that they're supposed to be cloth in the wind I guess it's alright that the designs aren't perfect.

Finally, a close up of the Brigade of White Roses. Ain't nothing more emasculating than getting trod into the dirt by a bunch of flower toting elves.


I Need a Hero!

I painted this guy up last night in between applying coats of Micro Sol to the Silverhelm decals. Yes his eyes are painted, but they were real hard to get.

I went with a simple rune for my command. One of the meanings of this one is Lordship so I guess that works for a commander.

The red, hair and leather are all done on the Silverhelms and the decals are applied. I went with two white roses for one of them (nothing better then watching some flower toting elves beat up on some Orcs/Dwarves/Dogs of War) and a falcon for the other. I was originally going to go with a sword but on a 3x5mm shield all you could see was a line of white.

Next week I have to finish the shields, touch them up and base them. It'll be tight but they should be done by HAVOC on Friday night.


Mr. Wizard

I'm almost done with the red on the Silverhelms, just half a strip left to go on them. After that it's the hair, leather and decals so they're in the home stretch.

I was getting fed up with them though this weekend so decided to work a bit on my characters, I ended up finishing a Wizard.

The pictures washed out the white and red highlights a bit, I've pretty happy with them though in the "flesh".


Pimp Your Horse - Red Time

I started in on the red this week, this part is going to take awhile. There's all sorts of minor things that are going to end up red and with a lot of them being near the white I'm taking my time as to not make more work for myself.

Hopefully it should be done by next week, then I cam get to the leather, hair and touchup.