2014 - Last Call for Painting!

A sad month for updates, so here's one for the road, 2014. I finished up a Paladin Household for EpiComp, the Knights in front are done and the ones in back are awaiting yellow highlights and all the details.

I added a pennant to the seneschal to further differentiate him from the standard knights. The checks are hand painted but the fleur-de-lis is a decal from Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop.

I held off on the bases as I wanted to make sure they were all uniform (a problem of mine). I got some plastic HO scale ferns and plants that I think will work good for a jungle world.


le Monkey Sails Against Von Dave

My buddy Eric over at Direct Fire and I had our first full fleet maiden voyage of Man O' War this past Saturday. I took some shots and got to use the handy counters I got for the game.


All Yellow, All the Time!

Started a slight tangent for this weekend, after glueing some pennants on my Man O' War Empire fleet last week I put down the base coats and washes on each.

The colors are different enough to keep the squadrons separate, I'd like to add decals at somepoint but tracking down The Armory decals I'm after isn't easy for cheap.

In knightly news, I got the yellow down on the Crusaders...

as well as the Errants. I think I'm going to go back and paint some parts on the Power Gauntlets blue as well.

Finally, I added some yellow to the Paladins gun casings.


Yellow-fication Continues

Still working on the yellow, I've managed all the Paladins and the Castellans at this point.

I also took a Seneschal a few steps further. Aside from touch-up and highlights on the metal this guy is pretty much done. Any thoughts or suggestions? The yellow turned out a little greener that I was hoping for, I was aiming for a warmer tone like the pictures of House Lakar in Codex Titanicus. It was the first time I painted yellow and also the first time I used pure white as a highlight.

The fleur de lis is a decal from Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop. Annoyingly, you have to cut them each out which is pretty difficult as they're tiny, hard to see and extremely close together. I had some checker decals too but make those work was going to that much more difficult given the angels and curves so I ended up free handing them.


Painting Yellow, Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

I've been working on the Knights these past weeks. As a heads up, painting yellow is SLOW. You think I would have taken the Internet's word on it, but no. I didn't get a chance to paint this Monday, but last Monday I blocked out the blue and did one Knight up in yellow. I'm thinking I'm going to finish him up to get a feel for the scheme before batch painting the others. Yes, that'll likely mean this guy will be slightly different than the rest.

In other news, I'm working on the Warmonger Miniatures studio Landsknechte. I've done the skin at this point. I'm going to paint up the hair/beards and then see if it needs anymore work.


I Started a Mini Company

I forgot to mention it here, but I did a Kickstarter back in June: 10mm German Landsknechte with Zweihänder (Great Swords). It was funded and I've since received both the Zweihänder and the Pikemen production models:

Once I've fulfilled the pledges they'll be available for sale up on the Warmonger Miniatures website (I'm guessing two weeks at this point).


Painting ADHD at its Finest

I finished putting together my SM/TL airforce. The only thing I want to do before I prime the Thunderbolts is fill in the gaps in the cables where the wings meet the fuelselage.

The Marauders also had their underslung Lascannon(?) removed because I thought it looked dumb. These I might try to put another AA gun on the bottom of the fuelselage and figure out how to represent twin Lascannons on it.

This little guy is Coalition Gunship. We talked about playing a few Starmada games in my group again, and I got bored one night and painted him up to see how the scheme would look.

These guys you might remember from two years ago, Warmaster High Elf Seaguard conversions. There's nearly a formation here, I need to get 10 more ready and then work on the command and the hero for them.

Finally, I made some more progress on the Knight bases, namely the ruins. I think I'm going to hit the block recesses with a pin wash, and highlight the gold/bronze one or twice before I call them done. That should happen next week, along with washing and starting in on the silver.


Bravely run away, away!

So apparently I have a painting blog, who would of thought? The last couple of months have been quiet on the update-front, but only because assembly isn't all that exciting. Anyway, I've been working on my Knights. Here's some Paladins.

And some more Paladins. I'm trying something new for the bases, both for colors and some additional ruins for terrain. I took four of the old E40k ruins from the base sprues and cut them into four to five parts each and spread them across my 35 Knight bases.

All of the Knights had some leg conversions and some torso twisting to break up the uniformity of the poses. The Errants took a little bit more work than the Paladins because I needed to remove a ring between the hip and leg, as they stuck out too far otherwise.

The Lancers took the most work, I converted three to be right leg up. That involved cutting each leg off, cutting each at the knee and swapping the lower parts before gluing them all back together.

I still need to add the hydraulic/pneumatic parts above the knee, as they got filed off during the process.

Finally, the Baron, Crusaders and Castellans are all stock.

I also put together three more Harridans along with a mess of the smaller LV/AV bugs

And last but not least, I'm working on some objectives using some spare Bio-Titan talons I had. These are going to be my capillary tower T&Hs.

I'm still thinking on the Blitz, it'll either involve these or be something akin to a Sarlacc.


Free Mustache Rides!

The Heirophant's body got finished up this week. All that's left for him are his weapons. I'm hoping to tackle those tomorrow and start working on my three additional Harridans.

Here a size comparison with my Dom, he's still pretty big even with the arm swaps.

Finally, here's a shot of my second Heridule that I never took a pic of. Pretty much same as before, just different leg positions.


I think you're an abysmal winner...

Worked on the red hair tonight. I'm pretty happy with it. I might add one more highlight, not sure yet.

I also starting messing around with the mesh part of the armor. I'm thinking it's going to be a light grey while the armor itself will be a dark grey. Hopefully it'll accentuate the hair a bit more.