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Painting Yellow, Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

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I've been working on the Knights these past weeks. As a heads up, painting yellow is SLOW. You think I would have taken the Internet's word on it, but no. I didn't get a chance to paint this Monday, but last Monday I blocked out the blue and did one Knight up in yellow. I'm thinking I'm going to finish him up to get a feel for the scheme before batch painting the others. Yes, that'll likely mean this guy will be slightly different than the rest.

Epic Knight Paladin

In other news, I'm working on the Warmonger Miniatures studio Landsknechte. I've done the skin at this point. I'm going to paint up the hair/beards and then see if it needs anymore work.

Warmonger Miniatures Landsknechte Warmonger Miniatures Landsknechte Warmonger Miniatures Landsknechte
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