Forgot I had these! Here's some shot's from some games around this years HAVOC.


House Lakar

I finished painting and flocking the last of the Knights over the past couple of weeks. I still might head back and put some Woodland Scenics course flock on the bases for bushes. Everytime I use that stuff though I'm never impressed with the results though. Anyway, here's all my Knights for a 3k game. I gotta get to my aircraft at somepoint, and head back and finish up another dozen knights at some point too.

The first time I used the old Citadel modeling flock it bled on me when I put my usual thin layer of watered down glue over it. Thankfully the models had already been sealed so I just soaked their bases in warm water until it came loose and I could brush it off. This second time I used thicker glue and didn't bother with the second watered down layer over it.


There's Only One Way to Rock

Work continues with the basing and the puttying. I cast up some Woodland Sceneics rocks in resin and scatted them over a quarter of my bases and also added some bigger sand here and there.

I was planning on putting Lord Hob on a rock but couldn't find one that worked well enough, so he just got the grit.

I did find one that work pretty well for one of my alphas though.

And with a bit of fiddling also turned the really funkily positioned female skirmisher sculpt into something more plausible in my opinion. I was pretty happy with how this one came out.

I also based up stock specialists. The variants still need a bit more putty (along with Korrad and the Duke) hopefully they'll come next week and I can get all this primed.


All Your Based Are Filled in Resin

I got tired of waiting for the bases I ordered to come in, so I canceled that order and decided to work with those that came with the minis.

To add some weight to them I added washers and then filled with up with resin. Overall it was pretty quick and lends a lot of balance to the figs as they're now so bottom heavy.

My plans to add some rocks to a few of them as well using a Woodland Scenics rubber rock mold and the resin. That's why some are still unsanded.

I also finished up puttying the Raverscar, Iron Eyes, Lord Hob and a pack of skirmishers. I also did a bit of the work on my Scourge Hound alternate, she got her arms, weapons and head puttied. I still need to finish the back of the hood and the armor plate areas.


Ravenscar Mercs

Work continues on the Goritsi. I got the Ravenscar mercenaries built this week along with Lord Hob and Iron Eyes.

Looks like I won't need too much putty on most of these. There's a few hands with sprue gates in them that will need filling but only the characters have gaps (owed to their extra parts). I'm looking to tackle some of that tonight and next week.

Still waiting for the bases for these guys, once I get those I can see about some games while they get painted up.