I finished up the black on the Cobras this week and started on the gray, there's just a highlight or two left for that. I'll likely get to that this weekend, and may be able to do the jeweling too so I can clean up and start in on the orange next week.

Additionally, my buddy Jon helped me out with some additional Warlocks. I now have enough for three Ulthwé guardian formations.

Finally, I tried out my new idea for basing characters with these Saim-Hann Farseers. The magnet I set into the base works well enough with a pin head glued to the underside of the figure. I'll likely start doing all my characters like this, unless they require extensive conversions (like an Oddboy).


Three Scorpions Up!

I'm calling the Scorpions done, painting-wise. I hit them with one more highlight on each color and finished up the other two tanks this past week. If I have time this weekend I hope to hit them with a glosscote so I can put the transfers on, and then dullcote them and put the tufts on the bases. Next up are the Cobras, which I'm starting on tonight.

These are my objectives that I'm currently battling gaps on. Filling the gaps smoothly has been a bit of a challenge.

Finally, completely un-Eldar related, I built a Lunar-class Crusier at lunch. I picked it up at Adepticon's bitz trading. Anyone know of a paint scheme for Battlefleet Armageddon?


Highlights, Take Three

I added some Elf Flesh highlights to the orange, Blue Horror to the black and Elven Gray to the weapons, and I'm not convinced the photos show any of them… I've got a few hours tonight to paint, I'll see how I like them then and decide if I want to go further still. The other two tanks are progressing as well, I finished up everything on them except for their hulls and weapons. I'll start in on those tonight too.


High All the Lights

OK, take two on the highlights. I went back and re-edged the black with Eshin Grey followed by Fenrisian Grey, and widened the orange highlight of Firedragon Bright while completely edging with Lugganath Orange. Worse? Better? About the same? I think I'm going to try one more level of extreme highlight on each, just to see how it looks.

The other two Scorpions got their undersides finished up and are now glued to their bases (1/8" eyelets are great for this if anyone is curious). I also did the first highlight of the black on them. I'm going to be keeping the turrets separate from now on as it makes painting things a lot easier.

I never snapped pics of my Wrath of Kings Zeti I finished up a month back. The only thing I might change are the leaves on a few of the headdresses. Right now their gold, I might try a few of them as green.


It's the Great Pumpkin, Autarch Brown!

I highlighted and shaded one of the Scorpions to completion this week to start to figure out how I'm going to paint these colors. I'm pretty happy with the blue-ish grey weapons and the canopy/gems but I'm not quite there on the orange and black. The orange was highlighting with Troll Slayer and Lugganath, I think I want to try those again though as the highlights aren't stark enough for me. Thoughts? Same for the black, that was Eshin Grey followed by Dawnstone.

The one panel I left orange is for a transfer I hope to print out. I finish it up once I lay that down.

Any other thoughts on improving the colors or adding accents?