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It's the Great Pumpkin, Autarch Brown!

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I highlighted and shaded one of the Scorpions to completion this week to start to figure out how I'm going to paint these colors. I'm pretty happy with the blue-ish grey weapons and the canopy/gems but I'm not quite there on the orange and black. The orange was highlighting with Troll Slayer and Lugganath, I think I want to try those again though as the highlights aren't stark enough for me. Thoughts? Same for the black, that was Eshin Grey followed by Dawnstone.

Epic Eldar Scorpion

The one panel I left orange is for a transfer I hope to print out. I finish it up once I lay that down.

Epic Eldar Scorpion

Any other thoughts on improving the colors or adding accents?

Epic Eldar Scorpion Epic Eldar Scorpion Epic Eldar Scorpion
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