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I finished up the black on the Cobras this week and started on the gray, there's just a highlight or two left for that. I'll likely get to that this weekend, and may be able to do the jeweling too so I can clean up and start in on the orange next week.

Epic Eldar Cobra Epic Eldar Cobra Epic Eldar Cobra Epic Eldar Cobra

Additionally, my buddy Jon helped me out with some additional Warlocks. I now have enough for three Ulthwé guardian formations.

Epic Eldar Farseers

Finally, I tried out my new idea for basing characters with these Saim-Hann Farseers. The magnet I set into the base works well enough with a pin head glued to the underside of the figure. I'll likely start doing all my characters like this, unless they require extensive conversions (like an Oddboy).

Epic Eldar Farseer Epic Eldar Farseer Magnet
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