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More Orks

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Was kind of all over the place this week, more than usual anyway. :P

I did the basing on the Orks I primed last week and got the first wash on them.


Another 20 stands are ready for priming now too.

More Orks

I did a little bit of converting to make a Warlord in a Nobz stand. I just took the back banners off of a Warlord and put it on a Nob. The banner bearer is a Nob body with the left arm from the Warlord, and the banner from a Banner Boy. I used some brass wire for the pole.

Da Boss!

I also finished my other three Flakwagonz, here's a shot of all four of them. They need a little bit of putty work but otherwise are ready for priming.


Finally, I started the cleanup phase for the Landing Craft. This guy will be my main priority next week so I can try to finish it before the end of the month.

Landing Craft
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