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We Be Orking

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Despite all my Necron building at the beginning of the year it looks like Orks are going to be my next army. I actually got these 20 stands (and 20 more) built sometime in Dec/Jan. I picked up some Army Painter spray last week to get them primed/base coated and this is how they turned out after some basing as well.


I'm going with a desert scheme. For the test stand I washed the yellow with Devlan Mud, painted the skin, shirts/kit, bolter and metalic bits, highlighted the black, washed with Devlan Mudd again, and then went back to highlight the skin. It went pretty quick and I'm happy with the result, what do you guys think? Five points to the person who guesses which Clan they are.

Ork Boyz Stand

I finished these up Friday night, they're going to be Big Wagonz. I took a E40k Land Raider, cut out the front ramp, moved it back, and added the death roller and bug guns which I took from E40k Shoota boyz.

Big Wagons

These are my Gun Wagons. Just a simple conversion of a barrel swap with a E40k Shoota boy and a Imperial Dozer blade.


My two Gargants (named De and Dum and this point). I magnetized the Big Choppa arms in the hopes of later converting some Soopa/Supa-Zap guns for them. Dum needs a little more work and puttying but he's almost there. After them I'll have a Great Gargant to build.


Not a lot of progress on the Landing Craft. I essentially washed the green, did the black and started the metal bits. I'm hoping to have this guy done by the end of the month.

Landing Craft
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