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Reaving the Elvish Way - Part II

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Nearly done on the Reavers. All that's left is a wash on the gold, highlights on the hair and fetching, and touchup.

High Elf Reavers

For the pennants I went with the classic Elvish Flaming Ying-Yang o' Death and a silhouette of a running horse.

High Elf Reavers High Elf Reavers

I also finished up the putty work on my other Wizard this week. Everything from his left foot to the bottom of the staff and up is putty. He came out pretty good I think.

High Elf Mage High Elf Mage

The Eagon the Dragle conversion is also done now too. I sculpted some skin in and around the wing gaps, replacement robe ends for the riders and a saddle and tack. I also started putting some paint on him.

High Elf Eagle Proxy High Elf Eagle Proxy
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