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Got a Little Captain in Him

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I misplaced my camera for a bit but we're back. Not as much progress as I would have hoped in three weeks, but I've been working on some terrain for a new store in my area and also playing some Epic once a week too. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of the terrain soon. The gems and weapons are now finished up on the Firestorms. I also did the first highlight on the orange. Three more highlights and they'll be good for the clear coat queue.

Epic Eldar Night Spinners Epic Eldar Night Spinners Epic Eldar Night Spinner Epic Eldar Night Spinner

I also started on this guy. The repositioning is set (striking his best Captain Morgan pose), I just need to go back and putty the joints I cut. The wings I'll put on after things are painted as it be too tight otherwise. Also, the weapons are magnetized using 1/16" diameter magnets.

Epic Eldar Warlock Titan Epic Eldar Warlock Titan
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