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Warmaster Dwarven Artillery All Painted Up

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I finished the Warmaster Dwarf artillery pieces this week. I also edged a few bases on the entire army as well. My goal for next week is to finish that up and give myself Flock Lung putting the flock on everything. After that, it's on to something else.

Warmaster Dwarf Artillery Warmaster Dwarf Artillery Dwarf Flame Cannons Dwarf Cannons

I think I'd like to take a quick tangent (I don't know why I call it that, they're never quick) into the world of historicals. Specifically, 8mm Napoleonics courtesy of Perry Miniature's TravelBattle. My original plan was to use these for Command and Colors Napoleonics, but I decided to laser cut some bases so I could use them for other games as well (maybe Lasalle or Blucher). Have I got all the colors in the right place? At 8mm I don't have to worry about buttons and other small details, but there's still a surprising amount of them on there.

TravelBattle French TravelBattle French
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