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Yet more Warmaster Dwarven Artillery

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I finished drybrushing all the bases for the Warmaster Dwarves this week, just the flock left on all them.

Warmaster Dwarves

I finished the characters too and got them on their bases.

Dwarven Hero Dwarven Rune Priest

Finally, I did the base coats for the artillery as well. They still need washes and highlights however, hopefully I'll be able to get to that next week.

Dwarven Flame Cannon Dwarven Cannons

Also, I wanted to mention I started using Testors Glosscote and Dullcoate via my airbrush, thinned 1:1 with lacquer thinner. I had been using the cans but they're getting so expensive now I thought I'd try the liquid stuff. I can't tell any difference between the two right now, but it sure does dry super fast via the airbrush. I was able to pick up the artillery in under a minute.

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