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Epic Chaos, Necrons and 6mm ACW Oh My!

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I finished up the Questor Titan that I left nearly finished a few months back. I went with green for the wepaon pods.

Epic Questor Titan Epic Questor Titan

I also finished converting six stands of Flayed Ones this week as well. I cut strips of plasticard into long triangles, glued them together, and then glued them to the Exodus Wars models to give them claws. Definitely one of the fiddleist conversions I'm done. Six more stands to go. :P

Epic Necron Flayed Ones Epic Necron Flayed Ones

Finally, I finished another unit of Union Infantry. I based the other eight I've done at somepoint too but never took a picture. They need basing still.

American Civil War Union Infantry Lots of American Civil War Union Infantry
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