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Historicon 2021 Epic and Warmaster Tournaments

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I headed down to King of Prussia, PA this past week to host a Warmaster Revoluation tournament and play in an Epic Armageddon tournament. Pics below!

We had 11 people register for Warmaster, but due to health issues, traffic and life commitments ended up with 6 for two rounds and four for the last round. Dwarves, Daemons, Dogs of War, Bretonnians, Lizardmen and Orcs made up the armies and we played a few scenarios out of the Revoluation book and one off of Kris's blog.

For Epic we have 8 people for the day, including Death Guard, World Eaters, Dark Eldar, Biel-tan, Krieg, Steel Legion, Minervan and Tyranids. My 27 DC of Imperial might managed to take home the win after a cagey game of cat-and-mouse against Jon's Death Guard that went to points in the last game.

Kal's Dogs of War advance on my Dwarf's left flank. Warriors and Rangers making quick work of Crossbowmen. Joe's Orcs clash with Matt's Lizardmen. The Skinks sun themselves. The Wyvern joins the fun. Brian's Daemonic cavalry squares off against John's Knights. Fancy Warmonger Miniatures Zweihander! Pegasus Knights riding off into the sunset. Forward! Matt A's Steel Legion face off against my Minervans. Shadowswords looking for trouble. My Stormhammers gave and took a beating in this game. Bill's Warlock came out to play. Bill's Titan Traction Matt's World Eaters getting ready to butcher some Eldar. Hull down in the trees, hiding from Russes. My Salamanders got steam rolled by a massive mechanized company. My Exterminators arrive a little too late to help them out. Shawn has Crabs Jon's Deathguard ready to administer the delousing powder. An Avatar is summoned. Swords of Vaul, on the move. Defilers square off against the Warlock. Andrew brought mountains of Krieg to his first tournament. He faced off against Cameron's Dark Eldar. World Eaters getting antsy. Quantity has a quality all its own. The Warlock is hanging in the there. Nom nom nom! The Stormhammers didn't manage to kill it quick enough. Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! Maybe little pinch? Shawn's bugs on the baseline. Dark Eldar ready to to exterminate. All quiet on the Krieg front. Seven formations of ignore cover BP = Bad news for Krieg Gorgons making due. The Little Plague Reaper that Could Ting! A mountain of guard versus a bunch of degenerates. I sense a great hunger... Blood for the Blood God! The sun sets on an Eldar maiden world. The Swordwind Fights On A Sea of Krieg There's Big Ben Kids!
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