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Snow Table

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Seven years ago I started on some snow terrain (16 bases of trees) that never really saw the light of day nor a finished table. I couldn't keep the tree mats from curling up and just gave up and moved on. Last year I picked up some more trees after Christmas for cheap and this week I finally started trying to finish a table, this is the result.

Snow Table

The tree bases are canvas, with DAP Alex caulk spread thin and stipped with a wet brush to texture it. Once that dried I coated them in gesso and covered them in Woodland Scenics snow and a sprinkling of their green blended flock. After that, I sprayed watered down white glue and then a matte spray. So the flock is locked in there pretty good now. The hills are from War Torn Worlds and pretty much got the same treatment. For the rocks I used warm grays and tans with washes and drybrushes.

I think I also want to do some larger hills as well, maybe I can finish them up before NEAT next month.

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