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Warmaster Dwarf Characters and a 15mm SciFi Distraction

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I finished up my Dwarf General and remaining Rune Priest characters for the Historicon tournament last weekend. The General is an unreleased figure that I converted to be holding a hammer instead of a stein. The banner/musician behind him on the right is unreleased as well.

Warmaster Dwarf General

One Rune Priest was a weapon swap while the other was unreleased. The banner here is unreleased as well. I need to track down the decals I did for these to truly finish them up. They're lost at the moment.

Warmaster Dwarf Rune Priests

Finally, I've been distracted by these 15mm New Israeli from Ground Zero Games. I sanded down their integral bases and put them on washers.

GZG New Israeli
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